Dear users of the Unite Gift Registry, we are sorry to announce that this application will have to be temporally closed due to a security vulnerability that cannot at this time be corrected.

A new system is being investigated to replace the current one on a different platform. As you can imagine this will take some time to be moved into a position that all staff will be able to use it as they currently do with the existing system as this is a secretariat wide application.

You may be asking what impact this will have on me?

As this is a secretariat wide application it will be down to your local duty station substantive office DM on what measures you will need to take to register any honours, decorations, favours, gift, hospitality or remuneration you may or may not be presented with.

We feel that the best option still is to thank the person or persons presenting you with one of the above and not to accept the honour, decoration, favour, gift, hospitality or remuneration offered.

Further announcements will be made from your duty station on the best way forward as this will be a substantive decision to be made by the appropriate office.

Further announcements will also be made on when the new system will be available, we in ITS will endeavour to transfer all data from the current system to the new one if that is possible, therefore allowing staff to access their old data and create new registrations.